Best Web Development Training in Ambala

Want to become a web developer? Join Stiffen Training Institute in Ambala to turn your dream of becoming a web developer into reality. Our web development course helps students become professional web designers and earn a handsome salary.

The web development training given by our experts is based on the latest learning approach. Thus, we help students learn skills in various fields right from PHP to jQuery and WordPress to HTML. So, get set and join WordPress or PHP training in Ambala with us.

Prerequisites of Web Development Course in Ambala

To join the web development course in Ambala with us, a student must have basic knowledge of computers. Besides, the basic understanding of C, C++, and ODBC is needed, however not mandatory.

Career Prospects of Doing Web Development Course in Ambala

Stiffen Training Institute is leading the race when it comes to providing job-oriented training to students from various walks of life. During the web development course, we allow students do PHP training in Ambala, Learn MySQL, CMS WordPress, jQuery, Javascript, OOPs Concept, CSS Basics, HTML, and much more.

This way we help students put themselves in the league of an elite panel of web developers having full-fledged knowledge of various concepts. Besides, the increasing demand for websites in every field has opened doors for various high-paying jobs for competent professionals in the web development field.

Duration and Timings of the Web Development Course in Ambala

Web development training in Ambala at Stiffen Training Institute is for 5 months. 3 Hour classes are there from Monday to Friday to learn the whole nine yards of the Web Development Course. However, the timings and days can be customized keeping the needs and requirements of students in mind.

Career Support After Completing Web Development Training With Us

After completing the web development course in Ambala with us, our well-versed team is dedicated to providing the best job opportunities in the top organizations/companies that best match your profile and skills. We offer:

  • 100% placement assistance
  • Boost your career
  • Web development certification

Web Development Course Curriculum

We offer comprehensive training in web development to help students learn every module in-depth. This way, we help students reap maximum benefits from the web development training and become expert web developers. With us, you will have;

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1). PHP Training in Ambala

Doing PHP training in Ambala will help you learn all basics of PHP with usage examples like loop, array, functions, sessions, switch, etc. Also, while having PHP training in Ambala, you will learn how to create advanced modules like login panel, pagination, captcha, lightbox, text editor, multi-level category management, and many more. So, after the completion of the PHP training in Ambala with us, you will be able to do any PHP project without any hassle.

2). MySQL Training in Ambala

MySQL course offered at Stiffen training institute in Ambala is developed in compliance with the current IT industry. We have on-board industry experts possessing years of experience in the field. During the MySQL course training in Ambala, we not only help students work on live projects but also make them job-ready. The modules covered in the MySQL course training are Introduction to MySQL, database, table with features (create, alter, delete and drop), table data with features (insert, update, and delete), etc.

3). CMS WordPress Training in Ambala

WordPress CMS is emerging day by day. Not only developers but also clients like to have their sites developed in WordPress. So, if you are planning to learn about a CMS, then WordPress is the best option for you. In our CMS WordPress training in Ambala, we cover various aspects of WordPress such as installation, configuration, plugins, templates, widgets, and much more. Our CMS WordPress course in Ambala is designed to help students learn making sites in WordPress with ease. With the inclusion of both theoretical and practical sessions in the CMS WordPress Course training, we make it easy for students to learn developing WordPress sites.

4). jQuery Training in Ambala

The jQuery training course in Ambala will cover the concept of jQuery syntax, event methods, effects, callback functions, and many more. After completing the jQuery training in Ambala with us, you can start your career as a web developer and achieve great success. During the jQuery course training, we lay emphasis on offering students exposure to practical training so that they can enhance their skills and climb the ladder of success in the field of web development.

5). Javascript Training in Ambala

Javascript training in Ambala is for aspirants who want to shine in the web development industry by making stunning websites. The syllabus of Javascript course training includes an introduction to Javascript, Javascript statements, syntax, events, data types, and more.

6). OOPS Training in Ambala

Learn everything about OOPS Concept by joining OOPS training in Ambala. The course curriculum for OOPS training in Ambala covers OOPS introduction, classes and objects, interface, public and private function, abstract class, and much more. OOPS training course in Ambala is designed to provide full-fledged knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming for helping students enhance their programming skills.

7). CSS Training in Ambala

Stiffen training institute offers all-inclusive CSS training in Ambala. The training course includes simulations and live projects. The topics covered in the CSS course include introduction to CSS, syntax, class concept, animations, rounded corners, backgrounds, internal and internal style sheets, and more. Not only that, while having CSS training in Ambala with us, we will also make you learn about Bootstrap and Bootstrap Grid System.

8). HTML Training in Ambala

Learn everything about HTML while doing HTML course training in Ambala at Stiffen training institute. We make you learn HTML elements, attributes, links, forms, input type, and more. Apart from that, students will be able to learn about HTML5 audio and video during the HTML course training in Ambala.

Along with giving Web Development training in Ambala, we arrange sessions for personality development, group discussions, interview preparation, resume making, and more.

About Stiffen Training Institute in Ambala

Stiffen is ISO certified and most recognized training institute in Ambala. We offer certifications in various job-oriented courses like Web Development, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Content Writing.

Our Web Development Course in Ambala is planned to equip students with advanced and relevant information regarding the developments that are needed for becoming a web developer. Right from basics to advanced, we cover all the concepts of web development course with practical and live project-based training.

At Stiffen Training Institute, our experts are dedicated and committed to delivering quality training to the students. If you are looking to upgrade your skills by merging two courses, we also have some specialized options available.

All in all, our web development course in Ambala is the best option for aspiring candidates to learn and enhance their web development skills in a short span of time.

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Web Development Training in Ambala – FAQs

No, we don't initiate any test/exam for getting admission to web development course in Ambala. However, during the course, students need to complete their assignments and clear tests in order to get certification in web development.

Yes, we allow students to reschedule their classes on 2nd and 4th Saturdays. All you need to do is to request for having class on your missed topic so that we can plan it for you.

Yes, in our web development course, 1 month internship program is offered to the students to help them learn various things in detail. A project will be given to you during the internship to handle and use your knowledge on to it. It will be working as the self-evaluation technique for you to move ahead in the field of web development. Not only that, after the completion of web development training you will not only receive certification in web development but also get a separate certification for the completion of your live project with us.

What Trainees Say About Our Web Development Course in Ambala

  • Stiffen training institute has scaled heights when it comes to providing web development or PHP training in Ambala. The way professionals answer each and every query is commendable. Great environment to learn things!
  • Having web development training in Ambala at Stiffen Training Institute was the best decision I have ever made. I am now earning great income by taking freelancing projects as well as doing a full-time job. Thank you for everything!
  • I joined the Web Development course in Ambala and found it really worth. The trainers were quite knowledgeable and the classes were totally practical based. The curriculum of the course was well-formatted with the inclusion of basic as well as advanced topics.
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