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Top Digital Marketing Tools You Must Use in 2021

September 20, 2021

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to expand and promote an online business. However, people still face plenty of challenges when it comes to the implementation of different digital marketing strategies. The lack of use of various digital marketing tools could be one of the reasons. Keeping that in mind, we have formulated a list of some of the best digital marketing tools for you.

You should use these tools to make the perfect digital marketing campaign. Make sure you read till the end to not miss out on a crucial digital marketing tool. Read on.

Best Digital Marketing Tools


Nothing comes at par with SEMrush when it comes to enhancing the SEO strategy of your website. SEMrush is one of the best digital marketing tools that offer a deeper insight into advanced keyword research.

Moreover, it gives numerous opportunities for your websites to create backlinks. With its latest update, using social media and advertising has become quite easy. It has both paid and free plans. For best results, make sure you get the paid subscription to SEMrush.


HubSpot is one of the best and most effective digital marketing tools for pitch-perfect inbound marketing strategies. You can use this tool for email marketing, CMS, blogging, and much more. Furthermore, HubSpot analytical tool offers a deep insight into your online campaigns.

In case you find it hard to use this tool, you should join the best industrial training course to learn from professionals. Thus, you can use this tool more efficiently for all your digital marketing-related strategies.

Google Analytics

Without a doubt, Google Analytics is the perfect tool for all digital marketing experts. It gives a thorough insight into how different users are engaging with your website. This gives you access to witness every activity on your website.

You get to see from which platform most of the traffic on your website is coming. This helps you plan your content marketing accordingly so that you focus on what is already benefiting you. Moreover, Google Analytics helps you plan your future strategies in an instant.

8 out of 10 digital marketing experts use MailChimp as a reliable source for marketing. With more than 12 million users, MailChimp is without a doubt the best digital marketing tool out there. The self-service support feature helps you by answering the most commonly asked questions on the web.

MailChimp helps you keep your clients updated with what’s new at hand. This keeps the fire alive between you and your clients. Moreover, MailChimp helps in broadcasting a message that you want to deliver to your audience.


Optimizing the content over time plays a vital role in enhancing your online growth. It means adding new or updated data to your website from time to time. That is where Fraze comes into action. It is one of the best content optimization tools that every digital marketer should have.

Further, Fraze also helps in performing advanced content research. All you have to do is type in the topics relevant to your domain. Hence, using Fraze gives you an insight into the recent topics in trends related to your field.


Doing proper research and then observing it is a crucial part of being a digital marketer. That is where BuzzSumo comes into play. It is one of the finest digital marketing tools that help in the research and monitoring of tasks.

Further, BuzzSumo covers the hype around all the recent trends so that you can get the most out of them. You can use its analytics tool to know how your brand is performing in the market.

Wrap Up

As you see, the above-mentioned are some of the best digital marketing tools that you should use in 2021. However, you should know how to use them efficiently. In case you want to learn their usage, join an industrial training course. With the mastery of the tools, you can push your online business to greater heights.

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