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Content Gap Analysis

Content Gap Analysis [Everything That You Ought to Know]

The topmost questions which are received regarding content marketing are that how to know what is right thing to write. Of course, conducting a good SEO keyword research is one of the best ways to do so, but in order to not miss out on to the better opportunity; one should conduct a content gap analysis.

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Now, the question is what content gap analysis is and what are the ways to find the gaps in the content? Well, to gain knowledge regarding the same, you ought to walk through what has been discussed in this blog post. You will surely get all the info that you need.

Content Gap Analysis [Meaning]

Let us first start with the definition. Content gap analysis is a process that is used so that one can find holes in the existing content. In simple words, one can identify those pieces in the content that can be used to be in alignment with a number of pages on which your target audience or buyer is coming.

Going through this process enabled one to see what was missing which could have attracted the reader to your website to a point where he or she can make a purchase.

What Does Content Gap Analysis Include?

This process mainly includes the auditing or in other words, optimizing of the following:

  • Landing pages
  • Social media content
  • On-page blogs
  • Articles or guest posts
  • Webpages
  • Downloadables

Now that you have gotten an overview of what content gap analysis is, the time has come for you to conduct a Content Gap Analysis. Wondering how this can be done? Well, all you ought to do is, walk through the information or pointers given in the following section.

How to Conduct Content Gap Analysis?

1. Understand Your Buyer

The very step to conduct content gap analysis is to understand the buyer. What does the buyer want? What are that steps that can make him come to point A and then get redirected to point T? For this, you need ask yourself the required questions. Some of them have been highlighted by us here:

  • What is the buyer thinking before buying?
  • What should be done once the buyer approaches?
  • What CTAs or call-to-actions should one add to invite the buyer?

Your main area of concern should be to figure out what does the user want from your business and then take the necessary course of action.

2. Conduct Market Research

Rather than tiring your brain unnecessarily by wondering what the buyer might be thinking, it is recommended that directly him or her what they want? Of course, you cannot bluntly do this. For this, you need to make use of a market research survey.

Doing so will help you to get a know how of the most burning questions of the target audience, like their needs, their goals, their points, their concerns, and much more. You can do this by creating a survey for your target audience. Now, you might be thinking about what questions should be there in your survey? Well, they are:

  • What questions do you have in mind regarding the topic?
  • Why did the solutions not work?
  • What all solutions were tried by you in the past?

Once you get the responses, you will be figure out plenty of things and they will lead to content ideas through which you can understand the needs of the audience and take the necessary action to take care of them.

3. Check Out the Competition

The last, but not least way to do content gap analysis is by checking your competition. Perhaps, they have covered what was missing. You can compare your websites and understand what has been missing from them all along. By any chance, if the content that they have created is similar to yours, then check what is compelling the audience to stay on the website? For this, you can review the content that has been written on their websites.

To Conclude

This ends the guide based on content gap analysis. We are anticipating that you were able to fill your brain with the knowledge regarding the same topics, whether it is the definition, what does it include, or conducting an analysis, everything. After reading this blog post, you will easily be able to figure out what is missing from your websites, and you will be able to take the necessary action.

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