Medical Billing

Looking for world-class Medical Billing Assistance?

As patients become responsible for larger portions of their healthcare bills, it is imperative to have a sophisticated collection program that treats them with respect, provides high levels of customer service and complies with federal, state and local regulations, and industry best practices.

Medical billing is a process of providing and tracking up the claims. In order to receive appropriate and intended payments from the health insurance companies for the services offered by the health care provider. The health care service provided by the provider will be translated into claims.

We – Stiffen Technologies are the Experts in providing Medical Billing Services because that is what we have a proven history for more than a decade. We invest in technology, staff training and process effectiveness for the quicker collection of true self-pay accounts and residual balances after insurance so your patients get the best experience and you get cost-efficient results.

Medical biller takes responsibility to follow the claims to ensure whether appropriate payments are reimbursed to the health care provider for the practice followed and rendered. The experienced biller like us will enhance the revenue performance for the health care provider for the services offered at various levels.

Why We’re The Industry Leader

  • More Time, More Focus.Spend less time worrying about billing. Let our team of experts handle things, so you can focus on your patients. Our award-winning customer service teams are highly trained to deliver a patient-friendly experience with each contact, with compliance always top-of-mind.
  • A Powerful ResourceGet real-time updates, speed up processing with electronic claims, and access your information anytime. We use advanced analytics to continuously identify industry-leading opportunities in the science of self-pay collection, and deploy proven workflows for optimum results.
  • Your Success TeamOur billing experts are always here to help. Think of us as an extension of your staff. Work with the industry’s largest provider of early-out services that continually invests in technology, hiring and training, so you can deploy your resources to other priorities.


In a head-to-head challenge with other vendors, Stiffen Technologies produced 46% more net cash and resolved accounts 12% faster.

Our Detailed Services

Medical Coding

Medical coding is an important process in medical billing. The diagnoses and the treatment given to the patient is coded using the proper coding procedure to prepare the claims. Coders use the medical reports that the medical billing receives from the doctor and turn the report into codes. The medical reports contain the condition of the patients, diagnosis done by the doctor, and other details regarding the patient’s visit to the doctor. Once coding is completed the files will be uploaded.

Medical RCM

Revenue is one of the most important aspects of the medical billing company. The objective of the medical billing company is to offer the best service for the clinicians and health care specialist to increase the revenue. Our medical billing company is aimed to provide the excellent service to the clinicians, hospitals, and doctors to get the reimbursement without delay and also to raise their income. Our fast and accurate results attract a lot of clients for us and we are happy to serve different entities in the country.

In regard to revenue cycle management, we are here in the industry with an effective approach to orchestrate everything related to billing and coding and to increase the results in revenue cycle management. The most effective way to increase the revenue for the health care providers is to implement revenue cycle management. A lot of ways are there to implement revenue cycle management but our team of experts’ implements the most effective way by doing the analysis.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is a crucial step in building patient medical history and the primary method of medical information communication from physician to physician. It is the strong deciding factor that influences payer reimbursements. Our medical transcription solutions for health care providers help transform dictation into meaningful clinical information for enhanced patient care. We are recognized nationally for setting new standards of excellence and integrity in the transcription community. In 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017 Stiffen Technologies was named “Best” in transcription services – a success built on a winning combination of unparalleled customer service, transparent billing and smart use of software and technology.

How Do We Work?

Account Management

We handle all inbound/outbound customer service and collection related contact as virtual employees, using advanced call routing, customized IVR, automated dialer strategies interfaced with sophisticated technology and automated workflows.

Patient- Centered Service

Our service teams are focused on providing the highest level of customer service to build a strong rapport, creating a pathway towards account resolution. We monitor the quality of our service and processes to ensure patient and client satisfaction.

Robust Scoring and Segmentation

Our accounts are strategically assigned to automated workflows proven to prompt the right response and result, based on robust scoring and segmentation methodologies. All calls are recorded for audit and quality assurance.

Get the Stiffen Technologies Advantage!

  • Several auto-generated reports & real-time analytics.
  • Patient Appointment Scheduler.
  • Practice-driven solution & easy to use.
  • Completely automated billing workflow.
  • Claims Validation & Scrubbing.
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