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Get Feature rich real estate portal for marketplace, agency and classified, trusted by Large Established Companies and Smaller Emerging Businesses. Start now, your real estate portal with built in Subscription, CRM, SEO, Digital marketing platform

The Significance Of Online Real Estate Portal

Just like any other industry, real estate has also moved online. With a large percentage of home buyers beginning their property search online, it has become inevitable for the real estate players to have a functional online presence. If you aspire to be part of this property search online, you need a functional real estate portal development partner to deliver a website with advanced functionality and literally all that you want for your brand. And that is exactly where; Stiffen Real Estate Services comes into the picture.

Features of The Real Estate Portal Development Services Of Stiffen

Stiffen offers a premium range of portal development services to its customers to make the online performance of their real estate business simpler. As an experienced service provider in the industry, we design our web portal development service with a plethora of beneficial features. Some of the exceptional features of our services include:

You can promote and list the properties at a low real estate portal development cost.

People can look for their preferred property by size, types, price, as well as by locations comfortably from their home itself.

The real estate website development services of Stiffen are a one-stop-solution for your entire buying and selling needs of properties.

People can easily list, buy, and sell their old or new properties within some clicks.

Stiffen Financial Industry

Robust solutions. Full accountability. You own tech aid.

Most Reliable Design and Development Team
Clients today expect personalized outreach, proactive insights, and goal-based planning — delivered the moment they want it. Learn how to supercharge advisor productivity and create client relationships that last generations.

Stiffen Financial Services is an international provider of business-to-business financial solutions. Backed by Stiffens’ 10-year heritage and global presence, we customize solutions across a variety of industries, including: Banking Solutions, Investment, Share market, and Loans Management. Check out below to learn more about how we can engineer financial solutions to empower your business.

Banks and financial institutions must take an ‘outside-in, customer centric” view to help define and design new business priorities. Digital banking models today work with 360-degree consumer intelligence coupled with innovative Omni channel consumer engagement that puts the “Consumer” first, every time. Financial institutions are redrawing their processes in line with new digitally enabled possibilities. As digital powered business models disrupt the banking and financial services industry, leaders and challengers are looking at finding newer ways of sustaining competitive advantage.

Stiffens Digitaligence services and solutions, are designed to meet the growing needs of the Financial Services industry, providing cutting edge insights, superior customer experience & engagement and delivering an ‘anywhere, anytime’ service delivery to consumers.

We manage cash flow at any point across the customer journey, for renowned global brands, as well as respected local businesses. By leveraging international process expertise, predictive analytics and proven platforms and solutions we transform clients’ businesses enabling optimized financial performance and growth.

Stiffen Healthcare

We build simple, meaningful healthcare IT solutions to meet all your needs.
All of our Healthcare solutions are engineered by doctors for doctors. We simplify the complexities of healthcare management, so caregivers like you can focus on what’s really important—caring for patients and extending your service reach.

Transforming Hospitals and Clinics Operations to Deliver Enhanced Patient Care.

Our healthcare technology solutions enables to build new-age hospitals integrating processes, people and equipment to help you gain new efficiencies, scale-up facilities and boost treatment to result in higher patient satisfaction. We leverage cutting-edge technologies – mobile, cloud, artificial intelligence, analytics, and Internet of Things – to build mission-critical solutions. Our medical billing company receives the claims from the clinics and hospitals digitally. The medical claims will contain patient details and the care provided to the patients by the health care provider. Our services include:

  • Medical Coding
  • Medical RCM
  • Medical Transcription
The right choice of a solution along with a well thought out and proven implementation methodology can deliver significant operational improvements as well as superior care for patients including better revenue management, optimize resource management, technology enabled care, better planning and improvised in-house operations.

Stiffen Banking & Insurance

We mainly focus on our customer prerequisite criteria that should be met when choosing the correct banking solutions. With integrated banking software and front office solutions, we support your aim to offer quality banking solutions to your customers.

“The advantage of online banking is that you can pay bills superfast, and your account is automatically credited or debited for each deposit and payment, making it easier to stay on track. At Stiffen, we offer wide industry learning, money related aptitude, persuading, adaptable and bouncing back item arrangements.”

Stiffen Banking and Insurance Industry has consistently delivered business value to its customers through its unique combination of digital solutions, razor sharp customer focus and thought provoking digital propositions. From “Simplification of the Operating Model” to “Enabling Digital transformation” to “Accelerating Innovation” and “Managing Regulatory Compliance”, Stiffen works with its banking customers in realizing value on their core transformation objectives.

Accelerates your business with deep functionality, adaptive infrastructure, automation, and cloud-proven abilities.

Stiffen Retail Industry

The Future of Shopping Is Virtual and Augmented

Today’s, digital and tech savvy shoppers have greater access to information which enables them to make informed decisions and derive maximum value out of their spending. Social tools, Smart mobile apps with Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) are now influencing their shopping experience and have changed the way they Discover, Evaluate, Purchase, Receive and Return goods.

With a rash of store closings, VR is an emerging solution to the challenges facing traditional retailers, as well as another strategy e-commerce companies have started experimenting with. From real estate to the healthcare, we are developing AR/VR applications across several areas. Our unique strengths include

  • 360° Virtual Reality advertising
  • Monetize and Disseminate VR content
  • Real-Time 3D environment

Internet of Things

The retail industry is seeing a rapid transformation, with The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions taking the center stage in the sector. Having plenty of applications, IoT helps increase customer loyalty, boost sales, offer a personalized experience, and improve inventory management. Here we explore some of those use cases.

Stiffen is a leading enterprise IoT platform that can enable these benefits for retail companies and serve as an IoT backbone for numerous smart retail services and solutions. It allows you to quickly implement necessary applications for tracking goods with RFID tags, ensure items on-shelf availability, utilize Bluetooth beacons to provide customers with personalized mobile shopping experience, and set up digital signage in the store to attract visitors and help them navigate through your products, discounts, and loyalty programs.

IoT retail solutions powered by Stiffen can help you ensure that your customers have thorough information on everything they might like in your store, and thus bring them closer to a buying decision.


Chat bots for retail are a great option as they help to increase the customer satisfaction levels which in turn improve revenue margins. They are simple to integrate and easy to reach thereby turning out to be a win-win for both customers and retailers.

Offering consistent customer service is one of the main principles in the retail industry as it helps to build brand value.Chat bots can contribute to significant cost savings in the retail industry. With chat bots available to assist customers, there would be a significant drop in call volume at the support center. Customers can instantly reach out to a chat bot and get quick help.

Moreover, they don’t need to sleep, so they can rapidly respond any time of the day, any day of the year with

  • Consistency
  • Rapid responses
  • Swift order proceeding
  • In-store shopping assistance

Big Data Analytics

Today’s innovative retailers are harnessing information technology, and using Big Data and analytics in innovative and unusual ways, with a goal of enhancing the shopping experience, as well as gathering and processing valuable data that will help retailer’s better position themselves to meet the consumer’s needs.

Stiffen has its own reusable Big Data and analytics framework which helps to detect the specific shoppers who are fading away; evaluate your current customer base and estimate their value into the future; leverage Loyalty programs. This enables the business to allocate appropriate budgets for acquisition and retention by using our wealth of experience in the retail environment.

  • Identify Changing Consumer Trends and Behavior
  • Reduce Costs and Maximize Profitability
  • Boost Efficiency in Supply Chain, Inventory, Marketing and Sales

Stiffen IT Industry

About Us

Stiffen is a Managed IT Services Provider offering IT Advisory and Leadership Services to organizations worldwide. We offer value-driven solutions above and beyond managing and operating hosting, security and a full range of IT support services. Our IT Advisory approach enables us to provide leadership to our clients in a complex rapidly changing IT environment.
Professional IT Services

Our IT leaders organize your IT operations and projects to enable maximum efficiency and growth for your business. We proactively manage your devices both remotely and on-site.

Cloud Hosting Services

Get the benefits of an enterprise-class data center for a fraction of the cost with advanced security and protection, industry compliance criteria, risk management, redundant connectivity, and customizable backup and disaster recovery solutions.

  • IT Advisory & Consulting
  • Application Management

Stiffen Travel & Hospitality

Increasing Customer Expectations, Rising Prices and Cut Throat Competition Had Made It Very Challenging for the Travel, Hospitality and Leisure Industry to Attract and Retain Customers. Stiffen with its technical expertise and domain experience in the Travel, Hospitality, and Leisure industry has experience in creating varied systems involving social media integration, data analytics, CRM integration, and mobile platform porting and cloud adoption. With our experience and knowledge you can be rest assured that product is built well within the budget because we do not engage in Trial & Error.

What we can do?

Stiffen Technologies has crafted a unique blend of services and solutions addressing the various sub-segments in the travel industry – Airline, Hotels, Cruise, Tour Operators, Distributors and Transportation & Logistic companies. Our services are to enable Omni-Channel of customer experience, increasing business efficiency using technology pillars of Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Social computing, Mobility and Analytics.

We have created web based solutions for various businesses in the travel and transportation industry, from tourism websites to mobile apps for taxis and cabs. We are well versed in the nuances of this industry and have acquired high level of expertise in the skills necessary to create ideal solutions for this business vertical.

Why makes us unique in the industry?

Seamless Customer Experience is the demand from the entire traveler. Whether it is Domestic travel or International travel, Airline travelers interact with airlines using variety of devices, modes and location demographics. We have developed an Omni-Channel Customer Experience methodology for Airlines, which evaluates customer experience at different stages like pre-booking, booking; check in, during flight, luggage tracking and post flight connect.

Using Analytics we have built solutions for ticket cancellation fraud tracking, predicting cancellations so that airlines can:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Manage Risk

Stiffen Communication Industry

Communications companies are all striving to bring innovation, speed and clarity to an already crowded marketplace. Merging network and IT technologies only add to the complexity of this challenging environment. We help your Company to create a positive image as a Brand by managing your all PR and Branding activity including social Media.

  • News & Print
  • Video & Channel
  • Strategic Social Media
  • 360 PR Services
  • Innovative, Cloud-Based Management Solutions
  • Network Management
  • Digital Engineering

Stiffen association of over 15 years with the communications industry helps to appreciate trends and associated implications, and devise innovative and optimal business solutions to maximize value for clients. While our clients focus on the opportunities to grow their business, we mitigate risks by focusing on the technology necessary to enable that growth.

We cover many news and PR circle with circulation ratio and effective strategic approach. We are connected with local and national news channel broadcasting and marketing for your products and services as a brand. Communications providers face a unique and dynamic set of challenges such as industry consolidation, disruptive technology changing trends and business models, emerging markets, global greening, customer churn and regulatory implications.

Our Communication management services include:

  • Content Marketing
  • PR For Startups
  • Digital Marketing
  • Press Release Management
  • Content Creations
  • Media Workshops
  • Blog- Management
  • Enterprise Branding
  • Events & Marketing

We do what traditional advertising, marketing, public relations and digital agencies cannot; enhance brand resonance, catalyze brand engagement and optimize brand advocacy.

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