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High-End Graphic Designing Services To Make Your Website Awesome!

Graphics are far more than just lovely images which adorn a website, or that compliment a website design. They are the first thing that people see when they visit any given website. The eye goes toward visuals first; and no matter how compelling your copy, it must at all times be accompanied by graphics that catch the eye and fill the senses.

In short, Graphic Designing is an integral part of every website or visual project. And if you are seeking to decorate your site with the best, most advanced graphics available on the World Wide Web, Stiffen Technologies is here for you.

Pictures speak louder
than words

We are all acquainted with the saying, “Pictures speak louder than words”. Nowadays, compared to texts and literary elaborations, images and visuals speak for themselves and people can relate to them more easily. Leveraging the same attribute of the images and pictures, a professional web development company helps web identities of businesses to get easily acknowledged by the target audience.
At Stiffen Technologies, trained web professionals will work with you to come up with optimum graphics for your business or corporate project. Using the latest and the most advanced and professionally designed graphics programs available on the web, we will do far more than just adding a few pretty pictures to your website. Given below is the glimpse of what we have for you!

Design and Layout

Our experienced team of in-house graphic designers and art directors work in a Mac-based environment utilizing the most current software.

We Proudly Design To Make Your Website Extra-ordinary!

What separates us from our competition is excellent and responsive customer service. We take pride in giving our customers the very best possible solutions for custom design and marketing plans, each made to fit our customer’s unique needs. Our key to success is working with our clients to meet their web, marketing, and design needs. We aim to work quickly and efficiently, responding to your inquiries ASAP and providing you with a fast turnaround from beginning to end.

Logo and Brand Building

  • Logo marks: Create a new image or update an old logo to capture your brand. We deliver final logo files in multiple formats for digital and print purposes.
  • Standards guide: We create a document that describes the proper way to use the logo mark: positioning, fonts, colors, etc. A basic standards guide is four pages, but complex ones can run to several hundred pages.
  • Stationery packages: Our stationery package includes templates for business cards, letterhead, envelopes and labels. More specialized items such as a standard pocket folder can be added.

Presentation Experts

A well-designed presentation makes a concept easier to understand!

We’re in this business because we understand the power of well-crafted and beautiful presentations. Our goal is to help you tell your story in a way that captivates your audience.

As a presentation agency, we can add value in all stages of the presentation process – from input to impact. We work in various presentation tools to present you the best possible presentation.

All our customers are unique. Every project is different and asks for its own methods and tools. We make sure that your presentation is always made with the right tool. So that your audience is swept off its feet!

The right tool for the
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