Local SEO

Everything You Need to Know About Local SEO

July 15, 2021

Evident from the name itself, Local SEO means implementing Search Engine Optimization strategies that help your business to have greater exposure in the local area. In a nutshell, local SEO helps every business having a physical location to win over a particular geographical area.

Furthermore, when a person searches for a particular keyword related to your domain in a particular locality, it presents your business in a local listing. Thus, more people see your business that increases the overall growth of your business.

How Local SEO is Different?

Google owns nearly 75% stake as a search engine. Moreover, 9 out of 10 users use Google to search for a particular thing over the web. Hence, over the years, Google algorithm got the basic idea as to which user is searching for things and needs results from their nearby locality.

That means to say Google considers your location when someone searches a particular keyword related to your domain. It also happens even if the user doesn’t use a locality or ‘near me’ option.

With that said, let’s learn about what are the various steps you can take to increase local SEO results. Keep reading.

Important Points to Enhance Local SEO Results

Open Google My Business Account

To shine in your location, you need to optimize your Google listing. That means to say, keep your business profile up to date. This is the fastest and the easiest way to rank on Google. Furthermore, open Google My Business account to upload your documents over the web.

Uploads Happy Customer Reviews

When a person wants to buy anything, he or she simply Google ‘reviews’ related to that particular thing. So, to rank your website faster, make sure you upload happy customers’ reviews. It encourages local people to put their trust in you. As per a report in 2017, it has been seen that over 80% of people take reviews as a personal recommendation. So, use reviews wisely.

Optimize Voice Search

One of the hottest and fastest-growing elements in the virtual world is voice search. It saves the hassle of typing. Moreover, optimizing your business as per voice search commands makes it easier to let your business become the mouthpiece of customers. Make sure you do thorough research about long-tail keywords as well. Hence, try to optimize your content as per local SEO considering voice searches done in the past.

Cover Local Events

Want to have a direct appeal to the local audience? If yes, try to optimize your content or create new content on local stories. That way, your content will be able to gather the attention of the local customer or user. It could include writing blog posts, making charity videos, or a location-based web page. Hence, all such factors will help you have better results when you perform local SEO.

Optimize Website For Mobile

There has been a boom in mobile websites since 2017. It went from 56% to 64% in just a year. Now you can assume how many new users you can target if you have a mobile-friendly website. Moreover, online mobile users have a higher chance of converting into offline buyers. So, while performing local SEO, make sure you optimize your website for mobile.

Analyze Local Keywords

If you are focusing on a local audience, your keywords should also match what local people are more interested in. So, plan your keywords as per your location or region. Doing so gives you the upper hand since you are directly fulfilling the users’ needs. You can also use Google’s Keyword Planner to create a list of local keywords. Don’t forget to create region-specific keywords to have better results while performing Local SEO.


Local SEO is different from global SEO in many respects. So, make sure you first have a deeper insight into it before implementing it. In case you want to learn local SEO from experts, you can always join an industrial training.

Thus, learning and implementing the best strategy ensures your business ranks at the top in a particular locality. Hence, your business grows gradually with more clients opting for your services.

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