Essential Digital Marketing Components You Must Know

August 26, 2021

To have a basic understanding of digital marketing, you should first know about various components of digital marketing. It helps you form an idea to measure the scope of digital marketing. Keeping that in mind, we have created a list of the most important digital marketing component that you should be aware of.

With that said, let’s explore different digital marketing components for a better grasp of the matter. Thus, you’ll know how it works rather than just assuming things. Read on.

Important Digital Marketing Components

Online Lead Generation

The most important purpose of digital marketing is to convert the visitors to your website into your clients. Therefore, to make the most of the traffic visiting your website, lead generation is important. Hence, online lead generation points towards users engaging with your products or services.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate implies the percentage of users visiting your website that turned into a lead. For instance, if 100 people are visiting your website, out of those 100, only 2 people contacted you, then your conversion rate boils down to 2%. Using CRO in digital marketing is to enhance your conversion rate.

Market Analysis

Another crucial digital marketing component is market analysis. You should know how many users are visiting your website, how many conversions are there, and what is the bounce rate of your website. Having all this information at hand helps in creating a more accurate and effective digital marketing campaign.

Content Marketing

Content could be in the form of text as in blogging, videos, or images. As a digital marketer, you should know how to market a particular content so that it reaches the masses. Moreover, reaching out and being there in the limelight should be the goal of content marketing. Further, make sure it reaches the targeted audience at the right time.


When it comes to driving more and more traffic to your website, nothing comes at par with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The best thing about using SEO is that it helps in securing free and organic traffic to your website. Moreover, SEO helps in placing your website higher in search engine search results.


Another form of search engine marketing is Pay Per Click (PPC). It differs from SEO in the way that it is paid where SEO is free. For instance, Google Adword is one of the best PPC tools that places your website over the top in Google browser’s search results. However, it might cost you for every click on your website despite the fact whether that converts into a lead or not.


Social Media Marketing (SMM) makes use of various social media platforms for content marketing. Moreover, various social media platforms are used to divert or direct to your business website. Hence, SMM is one of the major digital marketing components for more conversion of your users.

Paid Advertising

Different social media platforms are used for paid marketing. For instance, running classified ads or flashing your website’s content over the web ensures your website has more exposure. When more and more people witness your content, the chances of conversion are higher.

Email Marketing

One of the oldest however the most effective digital marketing components is Email marketing. It gives you access to collect the email addresses of your users so that you can contact them later on. Hence, it gives a way to remarketing to some extent that could lead to a conversion.


Blogging is one of the oldest forms of content marketing. It is the art of resolving user’s queries in words published over the web. Hence, SEO and blogging go hand in hand for the best results and more exposure to your content.

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned are just a few digital marketing components. There are still so many that are out there. You can always learn about new components. But for that, you need to join industrial training to master digital marketing. That way, you’ll learn from experts to push your website to the top and have a prosperous business.

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