differences between web-design and web development

Confused About Differences Between Web Design and Web Development?

June 24, 2021

Are you confused between web design and web development? Well, it is not your fault. The terms are interchangeably used. That is why people are always confused about differences between web design and web development. However, not anymore. We have listed a few differences between the two so that you can easily differentiate one from the other.

With that being said, let’s talk one by one about the key differences between web design and web development. By the time you read this, you will easily know and be able to distinguish between the two. Keep reading.

What is Web Design?

When it comes to how should a website look like, web designing deals with it. A web designer ensures that the website not just looks perfect but also functions perfectly. For that matter, he or she uses different kinds of software to make a near-to-pitch perfect design of a website.

Hence, web designing makes a website look appealing and attractive. Moreover, it takes user experience into consideration while structuring the website.

Key Elements of Web Design

UX (User Experience)

The major concern of UX developer is to make a user feel comfortable. Whether his or her needs are fulfilled or not is what the UX designer strives for. The use of the website in an efficient manner is the ultimate aim of the UX creation team. Thus, it falls under one of the differences between web design and web development.

UI (User Interface)

UI deals with the visual interface of the website. It includes the use of graphics, artwork, illustrations, typography, and much more to enhance the overall appeal of the website. Further, it works on the placement of input buttons in a way that compels a user to click them. Also, the navigation bar and informational content bar are placed while thinking about the comfort of a user to the maximum level.

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What is Web Development?

Programmers or web developers, convert the websites designed by web design professionals and bring them to life. That means, they make the designs functional as per the client or user’s perspective. For that matter, web developers use different software and computer languages. Web development aims at the proper functioning of the website no matter from where you access it.

Key Elements of Web Development

Front-End Developer

The front-end is the part of a website with which a user interacts. So, front-end developers look after the responsiveness and performance of the website. Furthermore, developers confirm whether the website is accessible over any device or not. Basically, they check its compatibility with other devices and operating systems. Thus, it is one of the greatest differences between web design and web development.

Back-End Developer

The server-side of the website is known as the back-end. It deals with the arrangement and storage of data. Hence, it ensures that everything on the other side, that is front-end, works perfectly. Users do not interact with this part directly. Back-end developers work on the creation of libraries and system components so that everything is linked with one another. It also includes scientific programming.

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer works on the front-end as well as the back-end. Further, he or she is capable enough to create and design web applications used by the website. Also, a full-stack developer works on debugging of the created web applications and websites. Hence, it is one of the major differences between web design and web development.


The above-mentioned are minor differences between web design and web development. If you want to learn in-depth, you can either join web design training or web development training. Joining training would help you learn each module in greater depth. Hence, you become a professional in the minimum time.

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