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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: A Step By Step Guide

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms used to find new talent, skilled workers, and field professionals. It has become more than just an online resume builder. So, if you want top companies to look at your profile and hire you, the first step is to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Moreover, LinkedIn also helps in creating good connections with people either from your field or having common interests. Also, it has international recognition. So, your profile is going to come across plenty of employers or fellow mates. These are plenty of ways in which you can optimize your LinkedIn profile. Read on.

Easiest Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn profile

Perfect Profile Picture

The first thing you need to do is set up a profile picture. It should be clear and strongly reflect your true personality. Having a clear profile image helps recruiters or people in your network to see who are they trusting.

So, to optimize your LinkedIn profile, make sure you use at least 400 * 400 px. image. Moreover, make sure your profile image is visible to public accounts. So, choose ‘All LinkedIn Members’ that ensures anyone can see your profile image.

Relevant Background Image

Just like your profile image is important, your background image is equally important. It should be relevant to your field of interest or work.

However, it can also relate to the place you are working in. A background image can also be called a banner image. Make sure you use 1584*396 px. image.

You can also hire a professional designer to create a banner for your LinkedIn profile.

Creative Profile Headline

This is used to present how passionate you are about your work. Moreover, making complete use of the headline space helps you create a personal brand. So, to optimize your LinkedIn profile, make sure you know what you want to say.

Also, this 220 character space should include relevant keywords that describe your key features. The used keywords should also help you stand out from the rest of the people. Make sure you use this space in the best possible way.

Present Yourself in About Section

The About Section is used to narrate your story. However, it should not be a lengthy one that bores out the readers.

Rather, use specific keywords to narrate yourself that weaves your personal and professional experiences. It could also include your professional achievements that are going to shine on your profile.

Being creative at writing in the About Section helps you hook new recruiters who are interested in you. This improves your online visibility.

Work Experience

Even though your LinkedIn profile is much more than just showing your work experience, you should not leave this space empty. Make sure you tell about your present working space.

In case you have a long working history, do not write every place you have worked with. Rather, you should mention only the places where you achieved something. This gives a boost to your profile and helps new recruiters to see your worth.

You should also mention any professional or job training in Ambala that you had. This proves you have practical life experience.

Educational Qualifications & Skills

Your educational qualifications and skills play a major role in helping you get hired. Focus more on earning skills that align with your education or work experience.

Recruiters are always looking forward to a person having a stronghold over the skills they are looking for. You should also mention any licenses or certifications that you have attained over the years.

For instance, your certificate of job training in Ambala should be on the list to show you have the required set of skills.

Be Active

Another crucial thing that you do to optimize your LinkedIn profile is to be active. For that, you should share posts, images, videos, or slides about your work. Engage with other people who are in contact with you.

This boosts your overall engagement and helps you have the best profile.

Wrap Up

To optimize your LinkedIn profile is to work on your weak points. This makes not just your profile strong but also improves your social image. In case you wish to learn new skills related to your field, make sure you enroll in industrial training in Ambala.

Over time, you become unmatched in your field that helps you have the best jobs in the market.

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