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Unique SEO Elements You Can’t Ignore When Writing Blogs

Do you think your content is not getting the due respect? If so, your content might be missing the most important SEO elements. Without them, your content could be bland, boring, and tasteless. So, if you want to have more page views, reads, and clicks, make sure you get through the following points.

Everything SEO element makes your content SEO friendly and quality rich. Let’s read further.

SEO Elements for Blog Writing

Appealing Topics

Before writing blogs, you need to know about which topics your audience cares the most. In case you have the least idea about that, why not utilize Google Analytics for your business. You can also analyze the search bar of your website to know what people are looking for.

Moreover, interacting with the people in your community section can help you know what to write. Just keep the topics fresh, alive, and compelling for users.

SEO Friendly URL

Short URLs are the best as per the Google search engine. Hence, other key SEO elements include keeping the URL search-friendly. Therefore, we suggest that you should not add time frames to the URL. It will make the URL complex and long.

The URL should be descriptive that helps the user assume the content of the page. Otherwise, it will only increase the bounce rate of your website.

Table of Content

Do you want to make things easier for your users? If so, you should include a table of content before you start the blog. That’s right! It is one of the most effective and widely used SEO elements that you can’t afford to miss.

Apart from that, you must link the keywords of your table of content within the blog. It helps your users to directly visit the required link. Hence, it will save plenty of time for your users.

Strong Headlines

Is the title of your blog impressive enough to compel users to click on it? If not, then we can assure you that you won’t grow. You have to include a few copy writing skills in your blog headlines. It should be compelling that no eye can turn away.

If no one is going to read it, your written blog is going to get lost on the web. Hence, powerful headlines are the best SEO elements that will improve your blog’s overall reach.

Great Introduction

Can your introduction hook the audience? If yes, great! The user has just turned into a potential reader. Writing a good introduction is one of the key SEO elements without which your blog is just bland content on the web.

Try to resonate with your readers and trigger their emotions. Always offer just enough information that the reader stays curious to know more.

Optimal Length

Are you writing length blogs? What if your blogs are barely lengthy? Do know how much the length of your blog should be? If not, you must enroll in an internship in Ambala. The length of your content is one of the key SEO elements which decide whether users are going to read till the end or not.

Furthermore, the content of your blog depends a lot more on your audience, the style you use, and the topic covered. Google Analytics can help you track whether users are reading your blogs or not.

Use Visuals

Do you know we process visual data better? The human mind gets bored while looking at words written on the blank sheet. So, we suggest you insert visuals into your blog. These could be pictures, charts, gifs, videos, and other visual representations of your content.

Visuals are one of the major SEO elements that enhance the overall impact of your blog. So, utilize the visual aspect as much as you depend on the written words.


Without a proper conclusion, your user might just wander. To close the talk, you need to provide the right see-off. Hence, we suggest you provide a summary of the blog you have just written.

Sum Up

So, all the key SEO elements in this post are important. These can help you have more readers on the web. Apart from that, your website is going to rank higher if more visitors are there on your blog. In short, you are going to become popular in the online community.


5 Easy Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Content is the king when it comes to taking a brand’s online presence to the next level. Do you also believe the same? If so, then you might be looking to make content writing your profession recognizing the demand for experts in the field. Now, the question arises how to weave simple words into user-friendly and attention-grabbing sentences. Well, to answer the same, we have come up with 5 simple yet effective content writing tips for budding writers. Have a roundup of the tips given below and turn yourself into a great content writer. Let’s start!

Content Writing Tips You Need to Know

Research, Research, and Research

The topic you choose will determine whether it will get readers or not. If the selection of the topic is not good enough to spark the interest of readers, you simply won’t achieve success as a content writer. Moreover, whatever topic you choose to jot down, make sure to do proper research about the same. Having extensive knowledge about the same will make it easy for you to write things in a better manner. Once you get to know the interest of your target audience, it would become easy for you to impress them with the magic of your words.

Write an Attention-seeking Headline

The heading of your content is the deciding factor. If it is not head-turning, then chances are that the body of your content will be left unread. Thus, use a catchy heading to grab the attention of your readers. To make things happen, you can – for instance – use numbers in your titles. Also, using words like ‘best’, ‘top’, ‘tips and tricks’, ‘ultimate’, and ‘how to’ can get you desired results. It has been found that people like reading articles which include such kind of words.

Keyword Research is Must

If you want to earn high as a content writer, then it is important for you to learn SEO writing. Thus, you must know how to research keywords for various types of content. Using targeted keywords with good volume can be a ranking factor for your brand. There are various tools available in the market to do keyword research. To name a few, you can rely on tools like Ubersuggest, Keyword Surfer, Semrush, etc.

Optimize Your Content

Next content writing tip that needs your consideration for becoming a professional content writer is that you need to optimize your content as per SEO guidelines. For your perusal, you need to use keywords in various parts of the content like Meta Title, Meta description, Heading Tags, URL, and more. With the implementation of all these factors, you may find your content in the top lists of SERPs. However, while optimizing content, make sure you don’t overstuff keywords. This will harm your SEO strategy instead of getting you good results.

Proofreading is Essential

Last but not least, you need to proofread every content written by you in a thorough manner. This will avoid any typing, spelling, or grammatical mistakes in your content. While proofreading the content, count yourself as the reader of the content. You can even use some editing tools to make your content a little more appealing, ‘Grammarly’ for instance.


Apart from following all the content writing tips written above, you are suggested to work on writing content that is easy on eyes. Yes, you read it right! For making this happen, you can add bullets, number lists, sub-headings, and even summaries to your content.

Wrapping Up

This is all we want to share with people looking to become content writers. If you have any other content writing tips in your arsenal to share with us or your fellow reader then shoot them right away in the comments section.

If you want to learn more about content writing tips, contact us for having training in content writing! Our experts will give you personalized assistance when it comes to learning the whole nine yards of the content writing field.

content strategy

Things to Consider When Starting With Content Strategy

Do you want to keep your leg up in the rising competition? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Here you are going to learn how to create and manage content. Moreover, you’ll be learning easy tips for perfect content marketing to level up your game. Hence, your content strategy is of utter importance if you want to rule the marketplace.

Before moving forward, let’s first understand what content strategy is. Read on.

What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy can be loosely translated as a strategy to fulfill your business goals. It could be related to awareness about your business products or the visibility of your website.

Whatever might be the goal, the content is created accordingly. Further, it also consists of attracting and delighting the end user. Thus, the sole goal is to engage users so that they remain on your content for the maximum period.

Such content planning leads to better exposure to your business products or services. Hence, it helps in creating your brand with maximum customer satisfaction.

NOTE: Here’s the best course of content writing in Ambala to level up your content strategy for optimum growth.

Important Key Points of Content Strategy

Who’s Your Potential Audience
The most important thing about content strategy is your target audience. Whom do you want to impress or attract? Hence, you should have a clear mindset related to your potential audience.

Your audience also depends on the product or services. Most importantly, your content should cater to the needs of your audience. If you learn to do that, your business is going to sky-rocket towards success.

Are You Solving Any Problem
Ask yourself this question while making a content strategy: Is your product or service solving any problem? Now, based on that, you need to formulate your content strategy.

Sometimes, the audience is not aware of the problem. Therefore, you should make them aware by creating content. Hence, always create content that supports your customers before and after having purchased your product. This leads to more conversions from your potential clients.

What is Unique About You?
Every business has competitors. So, what is so unique about your business that can help you outrun your competitor. Thus, you should present your USP (unique selling points) before your audience so that they know more about you.

Moreover, you have to prove your worth. For that, you need to satisfy your customer’s needs and ensure them they are in the right hands.

Which Formats are You Using?
Different content formats appeal differently to a diverse audience. Hence, while making your content strategy, you need to choose the one that perfectly aligns with your product or service.

To give you some examples, there are blog posts, video content, infographics, ad banners, newsletter content format, and much more. Hence, you need to choose the right format to market your tools.

Decide Your Channels
Different channels include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, and many other media channels. Your business websites or blogs also fall under this category as these also help promote your content.

Just like the format of your content is important, the selection of proper media channels is equally important. You cannot risk posting a blog post content over a video format channel. This will completely ruin your reach and customer engagement.


As you can see, the above given are a few things which you should keep in mind while creating your content strategy. When you keep all these points in check, your content witnesses maximum exposure.

In the end, it is all about presenting the right content to the right audience. When you learn to instigate the emotional response in a customer, you can rest assured that he or she won’t go anywhere else. Hence, that is the sole purpose of forming a perfect content strategy.

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