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5 Tips on How to Make Website SEO Friendly [2023]

Due to the presence of every business on the web, the owner must leave no stone unturned to make his website rank higher on search engines. By creating an SEO-friendly site, one can perform well on the search engine results and may rank on the first page. As a result, more traffic will be driven to the respective website. But, how to make website SEO friendly? Are there any special techniques to be employed to make it possible for a website to be on the top results of a search engine? This post will answer some of these questions. But, before that, let’s have an overview of what an SEO-friendly website means.

What is an SEO Friendly Website?

You can define an SEO-friendly website as one that can easily crawl on search engines. It means its content should be easily understandable by search engine crawlers. Additionally, its structure is also supposed to be pleasing to web search engines. It means you need to learn a few things to achieve this goal.

Now, let’s move ahead and explore how to make website SEO friendly so that you can start working on yours and expect better outcomes.

How to Make Website SEO Friendly?

1. The Design Should be Responsive

As per the research conducted in February 2023, 52.08% of web searches are done through mobile phones which are approximately 5% more than those coming from PCs. With that said, it is very clear that your website is supposed to be mobile-friendly. In other words, the website must have a responsive design that will help it to adapt the device being used. No matter whether the user visits your website on a mobile phone, PC, or tablet, all he/she will be able to see will be the best-suited website version as per their device.

2. Content Should Target Valuable Keywords

One of the most crucial parts of the website creation is the content that is being published. The content provided on the website helps in driving a potential amount of traffic thereby converting users into leads. It means the content provide you the ability to target your valuable keywords so that interested users can be automatically driven to your website. Therefore, it is necessary to do proper keyword research before putting certain content on your website. To learn how to do optimal keyword research, enroll yourself in courses offering industrial training in Ambala or another city. You will also be able to learn a few unknown elements of SEO writing that can help you generate more leads.

3. Optimize Header Tags

Another thing you should know about how to make website SEO friendly is the optimization of header tags. For your information, the header tag is the heading that determines the beginning of a particular section. In simple words, the title of a section can be called its header. Thus, you should incorporate your most important keywords in header tags. This amalgamation will help the search engine to have a better understanding of the context of your page. So, why not insert the most important keyword into the title of your writing to ensure that you rank higher for that particular keyword?

4. Use Interlinking

Any web content without internal linking is called an orphaned page [content] by search engines and hence they don’t crawl such content. Generally, users overlook the internal linking part and hence fail to make website SEO friendly. Know that the practice of interlinking will help the search engine to discover new pages on your website and therefore index them. Adding awesome pages with valuable content on the website will be of no use if you do not interlink them on some other page. Thus, make it a practice.

5. Meta Descriptions Should be Optimized

As soon as you type the keyword in the search or address bar of Google and hit Enter, you get welcomed by numerous results. The first things you notice are the titles of the page. Below them, you can see small descriptions that give you a sneak peek of the information given on the page. Well, this small paragraph is nothing but a meta description. Your content’s meta description should tell what to expect in the reading. It must be relevant. However, it may be a time-consuming process to create a perfect meta description. But, why worry about the time when the outcome is the better ranking on search engines?

The Bottom Lines

With the last tip, we are now wrapping up the post revealing how to make website SEO friendly. We hope that you’ve understood them and will implement them as soon as possible. So, time to make your website SEO-friendly now!

Different Streams of Career in SEO

Coming nearly two decades ago into existence, SEO brings a tsunami of jobs that have grown to full-fledged career paths. However, in contemporary times, with so many options, people get confused about their career in SEO. They tend to lose sight of any option, get frustrated, lose motivation, and then completely drop off from their target.

So, to help you know which career in SEO is best for you, we have come up with some of the best career streams. Anyone can choose the following career paths with the right skill set in hand. So, take a seat and go through each point to know where you might fit in. If in any case, you want to enhance your SEO skills, you must enroll in the best SEO training in Ambala.

Always move ahead with the right skills in your arsenal. Without further delay, let’s move on.

Types of Career in SEO

Search Engine Marketer

You might have come across Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing as a whole. However, on a deeper probe, you will notice that these are independent practices. Being an SEM, you learn about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing strategies.

Moreover, you become aware of different advertising methods. Also, you learn customer relationship management working to please both consumers and search engines. So, it is one of the best options to have a career in SEO.

Business Marketing Consultant

Do you have perfect public speaking skills? Can you use your observation and analytic skills to guide new businesses and ventures? In that case, you are free to become a business marketing consultant. Big businesses hire SEO experts to guide and direct them for a better future.

In this case, you might need to prove your worth and SEO skills in your venture. Hence, you get to work with different businesses and speak on platforms to educate the audience. It surely is an alluring career in SEO for people having mastery in public speaking.

Digital Marketer

One of the easiest paths of a career in SEO is to get into digital marketing. This field gives you the right tools and platforms to use your SEO skills. Digital marketing covers all sorts of marketing strategies like SEM, PPC, and SMM.

This helps you have long-term goals using content management and utilization of various social media platforms. You get to work with advertising platforms to generate paid traffic to your website. Just make sure you learn about web marketing along with communication skills to further boost your skills.

Marketing Analyst

Are you good with numbers? Can you use your analytical skills to have a better career in SEO? If so, you should pursue the field of marketing analyst. Your key role is to keep track of all the numbers derived from all the current initiatives at hand.

From this, you have to look out for opportunities to enhance your business’s success rate. Keeping a track of numbers helps you forecast the future of the new initiatives. Analyzing what you have at hand could be a tough task. Therefore, you should enroll in the best SEO course in Ambala to master analytics and take your career to new heights.

Content Marketer

Can’t understand numbers? Does your head start spinning with all the charts in front of you? Well, in that case, being a content marketer could be a good option for you. In this field of career for SEO, you work with web content and blogs.

Not just written content, as a content marketer, you have to keep videos and other graphical representations in check. Usually, the content marketer works with the marketing professionals to direct the team.

SEO Manager

A typical Search Engine Optimization team consists of analysts, data managers, content strategists, and other experts. They may be doing perfectly fine in their respective fields, however, as a whole, the story could be different.

Hence, it is your duty as an SEO manager to ensure teamwork and potentially use everyone’s effort for a singular goal. So, it would be a perfect fit for people who know how to take their subordinates along. Hence, it is a people-oriented career in SEO.

Wrap Up

Choosing a career in SEO will also depend on your skills or level of expertise. Therefore, you should first analyze what are your strengths and specialization. After that, you should look out for further career prospects in SEO. Hierarchical taking everything will help you take you closer to your goal in no time.

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