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Affiliate Marketing Explained: A Guide For Beginners

Do you want to earn money even while you are asleep? Sounds untrue? Well, not anymore. Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn bucks without following the monotony of a routine. The best thing is bigger brands are ready to help you out on this. However, before you get started, there are few things you need to know about it. So, here is Affiliate marketing explained to you in layman language.

But before that, make sure you read what the idea is all about. Also, check out how does the concept of Affiliate marketing works. Read on.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The whole concept of Affiliate marketing revolves around the promotion of products or services of a brand in exchange for some commission. Your profit depends on how costly the product you are selling is or the number of sales you generate.

Moreover, you can easily track down the number of sales made using different affiliate links. The buyer is not charged anything extra. Rather, the company pays you for promoting its brand.

However, you should know which tools to use for the maximum sales. To learn more about tools and advertising as an affiliate, make sure to join an industrial training in Ambala.

How Affiliate Marketing Functions?

The process of Affiliate marketing takes place at three levels. One is the seller, advertiser, and consumer. Without any one of the three levels, the idea of Affiliate marketing fails and won’t execute. Let’s have a look at them one by one.


A seller could be a single person or a company having millions of worth. Moreover, a seller is a merchant, vendor, or retailer whose products you promote.

The products could be physical, a service, or digital products. Seller does not get involved actively in the process of Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing explained how you need not to think about the seller. Just make sure they have the affiliate program.


Just like the seller, an advertiser could be an individual, a team, or a big company. As an advertiser, you should be aware of what products or services are most in-demand. They could either be appealing to the audience or a real problem solver.

In short, you need to persuade the target audience to buy products. For that, you can use any method or promotional technique. When thea consumer buys a product from your link, the advertiser gets a small profit or commission.


A consumer is a customer who is in need or wants to buy a product. Sometimes, consumers are aware that they are buying the product through an affiliate link.

However, in other cases, buying from various online portals like blogs, forums, social media sites, or websites also leads to Affiliate marketing.

The best thing is that the consumer will pay the regular price of the product even if he or she buys it from an affiliate link.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

If you are doubtful about what good will you get from Affiliate marketing, check out the following points. The benefits of Affiliate marketing explained below might help in curing your confusion. Go on.

Passive Income

It means you earn money apart from your regular job and that too while sleeping. With a little investment of time or even funds to run online campaigns, you will get days of returns or purchases of the product.

Work From Home

Hate going to the office through the blocks of traffic? If so, Affiliate marketing is just the tool for you. You can work from the comfort of your house. All you need is a laptop or even a smartphone and an internet connection.

No Customer Support

Other passive income-generating business models might need you to provide customer support for the product. However, not in Affiliate marketing. The promotion in Affiliate marketing explained that there is no need to provide customer support also.

All you have to do is promote and earn your bucks.

Sum Up

As you can see, Affiliate marketing is surely a powerful tool to earn passive income. However, in case you need to have real experience, you can join a live project training in Ambala. The Affiliate marketing explained in these courses helps you understand the implication of all the tools in real-time. So, you earn more money on day one itself.

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