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Easy-to-Implement Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

No matter whether the person is a newbie or is an old hand at graphic designing, his/her main aim is to generate appealing visual content. After all, it is their creations that represent their thoughts. A proficient designer can easily create a beautiful visual based on past experiences. However, for a beginner, it becomes a challenging task. But, won’t it be better if a beginner has a few graphic design tips in hand before starting the work? Well, yes! In light of the same thought, we’ve summed up a few design tips for beginners that will help them complete the beautiful and exciting journey of giving visuals to their thoughts.

So, if you are a beginner in graphic design or are a non-designer, read this post and learn which tips can help you create a polished and better-looking design.

Graphic Design Tips Beginners Should Follow

i) Don’t Complicate Things

It is the number 1 tip in the list of graphic designing tips that every beginner should keep in mind. You must keep things simple rather than making them complicated. It is quite frustrating to understand a complicated design. Do you want your work to remain unrecognized? Of course not! Therefore, be simple. For this, you may peep into your minimal artist who doesn’t like exaggerating things. Using a minimum amount of text and fonts can help you with that. Avoid stuffing many graphics in a single creation. Also, keep the colors and visuals balanced and see how your design will become a visual treat.

ii) Go with a Cohesive Color Palette

The importance of color palettes and schemes holds the same importance as the message you want to convey with your design. Well, that’s not an easy job always! For this, you can go with ready-to-use color palettes. You can consider extracting color from images to create a color palette. If you want detailed color palette extraction, go with Adobe Color. Numerous tools are there when it comes to using color palettes. To learn about them, you may get yourself enrolled in a course offering industrial training in Ambala or your nearby city.

iii) Control the Typography

It is quite easy to get overwhelmed by the various fonts available on the web. That is why people end up selecting bad fonts. Therefore, the next tip in the line of graphic design tips for beginners is to keep typography under control. You must know to pair fonts to make them look pleasing and better. We suggest you use tried and tested font pairings. New and beautiful fonts are loved by everyone. But, if you precisely observe the choice of professionals, they only use a handful of fonts mostly. It will be a great idea to use a single font family and create a pairing of its different weights.

iv) Use Social Media Templates

Time is precious and if it’s gone you can’t undo what you’ve done previously. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you should avoid wasting time designing a new template. If you are a regular social media user, then you might be aware of the fact that pre-designed templates are available for posts appearing there. These templates are available for every social media platform and in various sizes. Therefore, won’t it be one of the best graphic design tips for beginners?

v) Use White Space

Well, the white space isn’t white exactly! It means that there is an empty space without texts or elements in a design. You can also call it the area using which your design breathes. It is generally considered harder than other techniques. It is advised to study minimalist design if you want to learn the concept of using white space. The white space focuses on the idea that “less is more” and only bare necessities are required in a design. The white space can also be called negative space. The space that tells a story more than it would do in the background or between other elements.

Final Words

So, these were the topmost graphic design tips for beginners. We are now expecting that you will now be able to create the finest piece of graphics using these tips. So, wait for nothing and start designing!


5 Tips on How to Make Website SEO Friendly [2023]

Due to the presence of every business on the web, the owner must leave no stone unturned to make his website rank higher on search engines. By creating an SEO-friendly site, one can perform well on the search engine results and may rank on the first page. As a result, more traffic will be driven to the respective website. But, how to make website SEO friendly? Are there any special techniques to be employed to make it possible for a website to be on the top results of a search engine? This post will answer some of these questions. But, before that, let’s have an overview of what an SEO-friendly website means.

What is an SEO Friendly Website?

You can define an SEO-friendly website as one that can easily crawl on search engines. It means its content should be easily understandable by search engine crawlers. Additionally, its structure is also supposed to be pleasing to web search engines. It means you need to learn a few things to achieve this goal.

Now, let’s move ahead and explore how to make website SEO friendly so that you can start working on yours and expect better outcomes.

How to Make Website SEO Friendly?

1. The Design Should be Responsive

As per the research conducted in February 2023, 52.08% of web searches are done through mobile phones which are approximately 5% more than those coming from PCs. With that said, it is very clear that your website is supposed to be mobile-friendly. In other words, the website must have a responsive design that will help it to adapt the device being used. No matter whether the user visits your website on a mobile phone, PC, or tablet, all he/she will be able to see will be the best-suited website version as per their device.

2. Content Should Target Valuable Keywords

One of the most crucial parts of the website creation is the content that is being published. The content provided on the website helps in driving a potential amount of traffic thereby converting users into leads. It means the content provide you the ability to target your valuable keywords so that interested users can be automatically driven to your website. Therefore, it is necessary to do proper keyword research before putting certain content on your website. To learn how to do optimal keyword research, enroll yourself in courses offering industrial training in Ambala or another city. You will also be able to learn a few unknown elements of SEO writing that can help you generate more leads.

3. Optimize Header Tags

Another thing you should know about how to make website SEO friendly is the optimization of header tags. For your information, the header tag is the heading that determines the beginning of a particular section. In simple words, the title of a section can be called its header. Thus, you should incorporate your most important keywords in header tags. This amalgamation will help the search engine to have a better understanding of the context of your page. So, why not insert the most important keyword into the title of your writing to ensure that you rank higher for that particular keyword?

4. Use Interlinking

Any web content without internal linking is called an orphaned page [content] by search engines and hence they don’t crawl such content. Generally, users overlook the internal linking part and hence fail to make website SEO friendly. Know that the practice of interlinking will help the search engine to discover new pages on your website and therefore index them. Adding awesome pages with valuable content on the website will be of no use if you do not interlink them on some other page. Thus, make it a practice.

5. Meta Descriptions Should be Optimized

As soon as you type the keyword in the search or address bar of Google and hit Enter, you get welcomed by numerous results. The first things you notice are the titles of the page. Below them, you can see small descriptions that give you a sneak peek of the information given on the page. Well, this small paragraph is nothing but a meta description. Your content’s meta description should tell what to expect in the reading. It must be relevant. However, it may be a time-consuming process to create a perfect meta description. But, why worry about the time when the outcome is the better ranking on search engines?

The Bottom Lines

With the last tip, we are now wrapping up the post revealing how to make website SEO friendly. We hope that you’ve understood them and will implement them as soon as possible. So, time to make your website SEO-friendly now!


What are the Different Types of Content Writing: Master’s Guide

If you wish to become a writing wizard and generate a huge sum of income at the same time, then Content writing will be the best job for you. Here, in this post, you will get to know about the different types of content writing that will help you aim your arrow at the perfect spot. To say it simply, you will be able to have a clear view of selecting the best genre in content writing for you.

Different Types of Content Writing

Content writing is much more than writing. It never means creating a blog post packed with a lot of SEO keywords or writing emails for marketing. The best content writer is supposed to write informative and engaging content that will be able to raise the voice of the brand. Moreover, he/she should be a master at the art of storytelling. Given below are the different genres of content writing that one may pick:

What are the Different Types of Content Writing: Master’s Guide

Still confused about what these writing genre means? Well, keep reading to have a detailed overview of all these types of content writing.


Blogging is the most known type of web content. Posting regular posts on a website improve the SEO quality by jumbling the positions of various websites and ranking yours at the top. However, what you choose to pen down must be relevant and provide a straightforward answer to the customer’s queries. It is the blog section on a website that makes it more appealing to visitors. So, if you are more of a storyteller, blogging is your genre.


You might have come across various slogans or taglines while watching an ad on TV or some digital platform. This is what copywriting means. For example, BMW has a tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. But, it must not be concluded that copywriting is limited to ad films only. Apart from these, one can use copywriting skills for selling products to existing or prospective customers. Copywriting skills of a person also come in handy for press releases, Print ads, and infographics which make copywriting the most loved type of content writing. If you wish to master the art of copywriting, then enrolling in an institute providing Industrial training in Ambala or your hometown will be a nice decision.

Technical Writing

As we are more heading toward technology, we tend to face problems with various digital gadgets. So, why not become a problem resolver? This is what makes a technical writer the most demanding entity in the digital world. Technical writing can range from writing how-to guides to creating ebooks, resolving customers’ problems, and creating white papers. So, if you’re a tech-savvy individual and want to try your hands on writing, what would be better than becoming a technical writer?

Social Media Posts

There were 4.55 billion active users of social media users in 2022 which was 9.9% more than in 2021. It means people spend a lot of their time on social media. With that said, many business owners choose the path of social media to market their products. But, what they lack is a social media post writer. Creating a social media post only requires you to have a great knowledge of the product and its uses. And yes, understanding the customer’s demand is the topmost requirement. Apart from this, if you choose social media posts among different types of content writing, you must know which type of post will work well on a particular social media platform. For example, a white paper won’t go well on Instagram but will work wonders on LinkedIn.


Email campaigns are sometimes considered a copywriting technique since they need to be carried out with unique ideas. While copywriting aims at creating product awareness through various platforms which includes traditional marketing too, emails target your loyal audience and customers which helps them to stay glued to your product. However, writing an email requires a completely different approach which makes it special among other types of content writing.


To write the best content, one must cover the whole nine yards of the product he/she is writing for. We’ve listed the best types of content writing here. You can select the one you find easy and attractive. The wand is in your hands, wave it the way you wish!

SEO Elements

Unique SEO Elements You Can’t Ignore When Writing Blogs

Do you think your content is not getting the due respect? If so, your content might be missing the most important SEO elements. Without them, your content could be bland, boring, and tasteless. So, if you want to have more page views, reads, and clicks, make sure you get through the following points.

Everything SEO element makes your content SEO friendly and quality rich. Let’s read further.

SEO Elements for Blog Writing

Appealing Topics

Before writing blogs, you need to know about which topics your audience cares the most. In case you have the least idea about that, why not utilize Google Analytics for your business. You can also analyze the search bar of your website to know what people are looking for.

Moreover, interacting with the people in your community section can help you know what to write. Just keep the topics fresh, alive, and compelling for users.

SEO Friendly URL

Short URLs are the best as per the Google search engine. Hence, other key SEO elements include keeping the URL search-friendly. Therefore, we suggest that you should not add time frames to the URL. It will make the URL complex and long.

The URL should be descriptive that helps the user assume the content of the page. Otherwise, it will only increase the bounce rate of your website.

Table of Content

Do you want to make things easier for your users? If so, you should include a table of content before you start the blog. That’s right! It is one of the most effective and widely used SEO elements that you can’t afford to miss.

Apart from that, you must link the keywords of your table of content within the blog. It helps your users to directly visit the required link. Hence, it will save plenty of time for your users.

Strong Headlines

Is the title of your blog impressive enough to compel users to click on it? If not, then we can assure you that you won’t grow. You have to include a few copy writing skills in your blog headlines. It should be compelling that no eye can turn away.

If no one is going to read it, your written blog is going to get lost on the web. Hence, powerful headlines are the best SEO elements that will improve your blog’s overall reach.

Great Introduction

Can your introduction hook the audience? If yes, great! The user has just turned into a potential reader. Writing a good introduction is one of the key SEO elements without which your blog is just bland content on the web.

Try to resonate with your readers and trigger their emotions. Always offer just enough information that the reader stays curious to know more.

Optimal Length

Are you writing length blogs? What if your blogs are barely lengthy? Do know how much the length of your blog should be? If not, you must enroll in an internship in Ambala. The length of your content is one of the key SEO elements which decide whether users are going to read till the end or not.

Furthermore, the content of your blog depends a lot more on your audience, the style you use, and the topic covered. Google Analytics can help you track whether users are reading your blogs or not.

Use Visuals

Do you know we process visual data better? The human mind gets bored while looking at words written on the blank sheet. So, we suggest you insert visuals into your blog. These could be pictures, charts, gifs, videos, and other visual representations of your content.

Visuals are one of the major SEO elements that enhance the overall impact of your blog. So, utilize the visual aspect as much as you depend on the written words.


Without a proper conclusion, your user might just wander. To close the talk, you need to provide the right see-off. Hence, we suggest you provide a summary of the blog you have just written.

Sum Up

So, all the key SEO elements in this post are important. These can help you have more readers on the web. Apart from that, your website is going to rank higher if more visitors are there on your blog. In short, you are going to become popular in the online community.


Best Job-Oriented Technical Courses of 2022

Does browsing different websites and checking out how these work capture your interest? Perhaps you want to develop a website but have no idea where to start from. Start by looking for one of the best job oriented technical courses, i.e. web development.

As a web developer your responsibilty is to develop websites. You can develop websites for personal or commercial use. You have to ensure the website contains the ideal combination of graphics, content, and structure to meet the online users need. But, the work of a web developer goes much deeper than creating web pages.

Types of Web Development

There are three different aspects of web development:

1. Front-End Development

As a front-end developer you have to work on the look and feel of a website. You need to pay attention to how the colors, icons, fonts, and images appear to the end-user. The front-end developer has to ensure the website looks and functions on all devices, from smartphone to tablet.

To become a front-end developer, you should be familiar with programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2. Back-End Development

A back-end developer is responsible for developing and maintaining the code that runs the website. It is this code which connects the website to the server to ensure smooth data flow to the website. You need to learn programming languages like Java, PHP, and MySQL. Enrolling in job oriented technical courses will help you learn these.

3. Full-Stack Development

A full-stack developer covers the front- and back-end of website development. The full-stack developer is responsible for every facet of a website, right from the server-side to user interface.

To become an ace web developer, here are the skills you need to possess.

Skills Needed to Become Web Developer

Given below are the skills which you should acquire as a web developer.

1. Programming Capabilities

To be a web developer, you need strong coding skills. You should sign up to learn programming languages like HTML and CSS. The job oriented technical course can help you learn any programming language depending on the type of web development you want to learn.

2. Creative Thinking

Every high ranking website has a certain level of creative thinking behind its development. As a web developer you must be creative at how you can pull in the target audience.

3. Attention to Details

You must have patience to become an ace web developer. Testing and debugging the website code requires a lot of patience and analytical skills. It helps you understand any errors that might impact a website’s functionality.

So, are you ready to develop high-ranking and visually appealing websites? Here’s how you can do that?

Job-Oriented Technical Courses Guide to Become Web Developer

Given below are the essential steps to help you kickstart a career in web development.

1. Choose a Specialization

Every element of a website is interlinked to another. It is not an easy job to develop a website that is functional and attracts the target audience’s attention. Depending on proficiency as a web developer, you need to have mastery of different software programs.

Thus, before moving ahead understand the type of web development that appeals to you the most. Does user interface design stimulates your interest or do you want to work on the mobile application area? Deciding this sets the future course of your web development career.

2. Get the Education

There is no specific degree or educational path you need to follow for a career in web development. Although you can learn coding languages independently but there is an advantage that comes with joining the job oriented technical courses in the same domain.

These provide you with a solid foundational knowledge of different web development principles. You also get to experience situations which require your analytical thinking skills.

3. Develop Tech Skills

Despite the theoretical knowledge, web development is a field that requires practical skills as well. You need to possess competitive programming skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are the three core programming components of website development. You also need to possess in-depth knowledge of back-end languages like Java, PHP, and tools like Oracles and SQL Server.

4. Practice

As a web developer, you can gain mastery only through practice. You should set up a Github profile to grab attention from potential employers. At the same time, you also have to practice coding to gain mastery.


To become a web develop, you need to acquire the right technical skills. The detailed information above will help you find one of the best job oriented technical courses depending on the type of web developer you want to be.

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